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Learning Log #3

A week and a half into this course, and I finally feel as though I’m getting a little bit of a handle on what to do.  It still is a lot trying to remember to visit and respond on each mode of communication and read each post (discussion forum, GoogleReader, classmates’ blogs).  However, despite how time consuming it can be, I feel as though I’ve learned so much reading different people’s views on certain subjects.  I’ve especially been interested in what has been said on the discussion forum for this course.  I was relieved to find out that I am not the only one who gets confused and a little overwhelmed at the thought of copyright laws.  It seems as though it’s a big deal for a lot of people.  I’m quite sure that nobody intentionally engages in copyright infringement, however, we have all probably unknowingly done it at least a time or two.  Also, I’ve been very interested in reading everyone’s thoughts on building and maintaining an online presence.  To some people, it seems as though it comes easily.  Perhaps because they are especially computer savvy, or enjoy writing (blogging), or they like to use the internet as a way of connecting with like-minded people.  Others seem to prefer the traditional approach (networking and building relationships in person).  I’ve also been interested to read my classmates’ ideas on who to start a good digital PR campaign.  I am of the mind-set that networking is always good, no matter how it is done.  And because I am very comfortable using the internet, I love the idea of learning from and connecting with teachers across the nation (or even world) who I would have no other way of learning from without the internet.

Despite the initial difficulty I had, I’ve enjoyed getting this blog up and running.  Although I have not learned every capability of wordpress, I am gradually becoming more and more familiar with it.  I like to have an outlet for my thoughts on certain subjects, so this blog is right up my alley.  I’ve also enjoyed customizing the blog to my tastes.  Half the fun in starting up a new blog is making it uniquely mine (though I confess, I have a lot more tweaking to do!).