Learning Log – Wikis

British Romanticism wiki

This wiki supports student learning and engagement.  It was created in place of a slide show and as a way to really involve students in learning, researching, and sharing.  By providing important information related to the unit, listing student assignments and due dates, and describing the rationale for the wiki, students can use this site to support their learning in many ways.  First, they will have access to the information they need, whenever they need it.  They also can keep track of the information and assignments.  The wiki also provides one accessible place for all the students to gather information and collaborate.  And finally, the students can engage in discussion about the information and assignments.

English/Literature wiki

I thought this wiki was a bit more complicated.  There are a lot of pages and it is set up different than the other wikis I have visited.  Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information contained on this site.  However, it does have pertinent information and homework assignments for the students.  It’s a good resource for the students because there is so much information and it can all be easily accessed.  The wiki contains video clips, tips on how to complete assignments, links to various resources, and slide shows.

Honors British Literature wiki

This wiki is exceptionally well-developed and designed.  It contains a description of the course, what is on the wiki and how it can be used, assignments and due dates, expected outcomes, and resources and information for the six texts explored throughout the unit.  By providing important information and giving the students a place to engage in discussion, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow students, this wiki will be very helpful in supporting student learning.

Gaming in the English Classroom wiki

This wiki provides resources and ideas for teachers who want to incorporate video games and virtual worlds into their lessons and classrooms.  This is a great site for collaboration among teachers.  There are justifications for using gaming in the classroom, links to tools and sites for gaming/virtual worlds, videos clips that support gaming, descriptions of virtual worlds and gaming (including links, grade level, and skills developed), and lessons plans that include the use of those tools.  This wiki supports teachers in using, how to use, and why to use gaming and virtual worlds for teaching.


All these wikis support either students learning or teacher collaboration.  By being able to share information, list resources and links, and provide a place for discussion and questions, these wikis help engage students and increase teacher collaboration.  Also, because wikis can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer, the sites make information available to anyone at any time.  This will help students who like to work on their own time, at their own pace.  Also, if the students forget part of their assignment, they can easily access the guidelines for the project by visiting the wiki.  While I think it would be time consuming to set up a wiki, once a teacher has experience with it, I would imagine the process would gradually become faster and easier.


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