Learning Log – “Goodreads”

This is a bookshelf I created for a unit on the Holocaust.  This bookshelf could be used as a quick resource for me as I’m planning and preparing for a unit on that time in history.  Included are books all dedicated to the subject, but they are on different reading levels and are written using different styles.  Therefore, I can easily decide which books would be best for a particular class.  For example, if I have a class with slower or lower level students, I could just choose the books from this list that are a lower reading level.  Or vice versa.  Another way to use this bookshelf is to make it available to my students as a list of acceptable books for them to read, and then they could choose their own from that list.  That gives the students a choice and puts them in control of their learning.
I could use Goodreads in the same way for other units I am teaching.  For example, if I teach a unit on Greek mythology, I could collect all the books I believe could be helpful when studying that subject and then have a list ready for whenever I need to find or assign a book for the class.  Or, again, allow the students to choose from a list (or bookshelf) I created.  Goodreads is a great way to organize the books I like, read reviews from other educators or readers, and easily access that information.

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I am a graduate student in McDaniel College's BEST program. I have been teaching English as a foreign language to students in South Korea since 2006. English is my love and teaching is my passion. View all posts by SLM508 - Sarah Miller

One response to “Learning Log – “Goodreads”

  • slm508jw

    I love the idea of creating bookshelves for teaching certain units. This way, you can continue to add to the shelf. Also, you could remove a book that you tried with a class but didn’t like. I really like the ease of searching for and storing electronic copies of books all in one location. I hadn’t considered using Goodreads this way, but I will now! As a media specialist, I could create shelves that I will use with classes for their research projects. That way, I’ll be sure to remember all the resources and add them it if I want to!

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