Learning Log – Flickr Slide Shows

Creative Writing Flickr Slide Show


I created this set as a tool to stir my students’ creativity and imagination.  My idea is to show this Flickr set to my students and have them respond to the images by writing several sentences about each slide, all of which would build upon each other to produce a short story.  Each picture is non-specific and can be open to interpretation.  By choosing these pictures, I thought it would allow the children to use more of their imaginations to produce their own story.  Before beginning the writing process, the students would choose who the story was geared towards (young children, middle school aged students, high schoolers, or adults), and then write with that purpose and audience in mind.  This would be fulfilling my content area standard 4.0.1. by having them use pre-writing skills and then writing with a purpose and audience in mind.

Also, I could use this slide show to prompt the students to discuss what kind of feelings the pictures invoke in the students.  We could then use that as a segue into how pictures add meaning to text and how we can use pictures to get our imaginations working.  The pictures in the slide show could also be used to help the students learn how to write using vivid language.  I could show each slide and have the children write as many descriptive words they can think of.  Then we could compare our words as a class and talk about the words that are most effective and vivid.  This would, again, require the students to demonstrate writing skills.  Also, the students will learn how to use their words effectively and how to use pictures to enhance their message.

All these activities are geared towards creative writing.  This can be used in many different grade levels, but the ones that first come to mind are the middle school grades – sixth, seventh, and eighth.  My desire is that the students would learn how to use their creativity and become familiar and comfortable writing for different audiences and purposes.


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