Learning Log – Flickr Galleries

Flickr Gallery (Edgar Allen Poe – An Introduction)

This is a gallery I created on Flickr as an introduction to a unit on Edgar Allen Poe in the 8th grade RLA classroom.  I would use this gallery as a way to spark the students’ interest in Poe and give them a little bit of background information on the writer.  The goal for this collection of pictures is to “hook” the students and get them interested in learning more about this author and poet whose life and death have become a mystery. I could either post the hyperlink on the classroom blog or show it in class.

I have never used Flickr before, so this was definitely a learning experience for me.  I found it very convenient that I could see how each picture was protected (using copyright or creative commons) in the right column.  Honestly, I was rather confused as to the purpose of galleries when I began this assignment.  If I’m on track, I think I understand it now.  I will definitely be coming back to Flickr in the future!


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