Learning Log #4

Ending this first module I have already learned several new things.  The biggest things that stood out to me throughout these first two weeks are blogging and (related to that) maintaining an online presence.  Having reviewed teacher and classroom blogs, I’ve learned what I would and would not do on a blog.  How I would design it, some of the content, what I would include in the blog and posts, etc.  I’ve also learned from reading some of my classmates’ reviews of blogs.  Because of a limit on time, I cannot even come close to reading all the great blogs on the internet, but reading what my classmates wrote about other blogs allows me to learn more than had I only known about the ones I have time to read myself.  On that note, this is another reason to connect with other teachers on the internet.  We all have our own experiences and read different articles and blogs, the internet provides a place for us all to come together and share what we know.  Resulting in a very large collection of thoughts and ideas available to anyone interested in reading them.  There are so many capabilities and opportunities related to blogging and online connections.  I hope to begin to tap into that resource as an educator.


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One response to “Learning Log #4

  • Lisa LeCompte

    I definitely agree that blogging stood out in this first module. I have found that just working with my own blog is often cumbersome and challenging for me. It was very exciting to read some of the wonderful educator blogs and they certainly held more value for me now that I know the time and effort involved in maintaining the blog. Some that I read were not up-to-date and I felt myself passing judgement, unfairly of course. Struggling with time management myself right now, my biggest fear in creating a classroom blog would be time required to keep information current, interesting, and inviting for my students and families.
    Online presence hit me as well in this module. I had heard of a digital footprint before but never thought much about it. Not only did I research my own digital footprint, but also those of some of my family members. Although I did not find anything surprising, it was interesting to see what would be revealed. It has really made me consider what I post online, especially as it related to social networking. It sometimes seems as though educators need to live by a different set of standards, but we are influencing the future of our country each and every day so being a positive role model online is certainly in our best interest!

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