Learning Log #2

Wow, it feels as though the first week of this course just flew by! I confess, I feel like I’m a little overwhelmed from trying to keep up with all the different places to communicate. All the threads on the discussion board, the SLM Cafe, and each classmate’s blog (while also trying to make time to read the sites in my GoogleReader).

I am somewhat familiar with some of the content we have already covered. Copyright laws, Skype, and blogging are not new to me. However, wordpress, GoogleReader, and Creative Commons licenses are. Although it feels like a daunting task to learn so much about how to use technology in the classroom and for our students’ learning, I am very excited about it. Last semester I talked to my mentor teacher several times about how to use technology in the classroom and the pros and cons of it. As an RLA teacher, her classroom was not as equipped with newer technology as the science and math classrooms were. However, she often made class trips to the media room or computer lab to allow the students to work on the computers and use some of the resources available on the internet. My mentor teacher did not seem to be especially computer savvy, but she did have a desire to integrate new technology into the classroom, knowing how important and useful it can be. After my internship with her, I am even more excited to learn about technology for the advancement of my students. I am lucky to have the chance to take a class dedicated to this subject (as my mentor teacher sort of had to learn as she went), and I hope to make the most of it!


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I am a graduate student in McDaniel College's BEST program. I have been teaching English as a foreign language to students in South Korea since 2006. English is my love and teaching is my passion. View all posts by SLM508 - Sarah Miller

3 responses to “Learning Log #2

  • shawnlees

    Hi! I like the streamlined design of your blog. It’s very clean. And thanks for checking out my blog. I agree with your observations about the course setup. It’s tough to keep track of all the different areas and requirements. I hope I can get into a routine so I can save time! I feel like evey time I log on to Blackboard, I am spending a ton of time reading everyone’s posts. Some are very interesting, though. You can really “hear” some personality in some of the posts.

  • missterrys

    Sarah, welcome to the world of LA teachers and meagre technology. Our Math and Science teachers have fabulous little (and big) gadgets in their classrooms. I think I am marvelous that I can sneak in my iPod for a podcast lesson. I tried to implement a class using iPods and the principal dismissed it before I even finished the sentence. Oh well.

  • slm508jw


    I agree that the course requirements seem overwhelming. I had no experience with the technologies that we’re using in this class. I can see how it is really hard for a classroom teacher to keep up with technology that changes so fast. I can’t wait to have the chance to use these technologies as a media specialist.

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